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About LoveChilis.com


Chilis is our love and our passion:

London is where this story starts; I was born in Muswell Hill N11 and grew up in ‘norf’ London Angel, but mostly Holloway N7 in the London Borough of Islington, a stone’s throw from the world’s greatest football team Arsenal FC. Yes I’m a Gooner London born & bred, London for me is a state of mind it’s an integral part of my DNA. Like Fish & Chips, Bagels, Curry, a full English, Reggae, R&B, Hip Hop, Jungle and Soulful House & Garage music. Finsbury Park, Tower Bridge, Black Cabs and Red Buses, all paint the backdrop to my life in Londinium.  I have witnessed and also been a part of, many of London’s underground street subcultures since the 80’s, termed as the Hip Hop / MTV generation….

Although I truly love this part of my life, more recently, since becoming a Parent I suppose, I have been drawn increasingly more to the West Indian part of my heritage. Both my parents Errol Snr and Merle hail from the twin sugar Islands of Trinidad & Tobago, and of course Trinidadian food, music and stories were the familiar sights, sounds and smells to my early years. This is where my unconscious attraction for chilis began. Pepper sauce is so much more than the sum of its parts, the basic recipe of Jab Jab 1492, comes from both my Mother & Father. Which has passed down, through the generations, going back to my Great Great Grandparents? I credit my parent’s heritage for the Caribbean accent of my pepper sauce and Caribbean roots for my overall chilli sensibility.

                                            My Great Great Grandparents

LoveChilis.com  came about from my passion for my country of heritage Trinidad & Tobago, its Carnival, its music, its culture of course and its food. My Dad although I didn’t quite know it then, was a Chili Pepper aficionado, even eating the pepper raw at times. It was a welcomed addiction with him, one which I obviously seem to have been also afflicted with, and with no cure in sight I guess I am truly blessed.

“It speaks to me, the burning sensation, races to my heart; it stimulates my mind ‘endorphins’ and it speaks to my soul…. I can’t put it any other way…I am emotionally invested in this.”

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LoveChilis.com – JAB JAB 1492

If there is one place in the world of chilis that strikes cords of reverence in the hearts of chili lovers the world over, it is the very infectious twin islands of Trinidad & Tobago situated  in the Lesser Antillies in the Caribbean off the coast of Venezuela. These little islands have been producing some of the world’s finest chilli peppers for hundreds of years. Ever since I started making chilli pepper sauce, I have wanted to share this magical and incredibly flavorful  pepper sauce with the world.

Trinidadians douse everything in pepper sauce, and in our household at meal times my parents would fall into their natural Trinidadian ways speaking with us using their colourful creole colloquial phrases such as ‘Mumaguy’ (is to tease especially by flattery) & ‘Picong’ (is teasing, ribbing sometimes insulting repartee, in a light-hearted bantering manner). My Dad in particular would jokingly rave about how the pepper was “Hot Fuh So” These two Trinidad terms are among many lexical items peculiar to the English dialect of Trinidad. The language hearkened back to the days when Trinidad was a Spanish colony. The language has a Spanish component, mixed with a great deal of French. The infusion came about over time when they coalesced with the charming inflections of what is now locally known as French Kreyol/Creole, or Patois.  And it is through these wonderful Frenchisms, both essentially and characteristically Trinidadian in flavour, today, enjoys great currency and popularity in all levels of Trinidadian culture…

Any regular visitor to the Caribbean will know that islanders are fiercely competitive with each other. The strongest expression of this is cricket and the passionate pursuit of pepper sauce ambrosia, in this part of the globe peppers are mandatory, regulation, standard full stop. Caribbean people love to boast of the levels of potency and richness of flavour of their different habanero pepper sauce concoctions. Mainly, Guyanese (Guyana), Bajan (Barbados), Jamaican, and Trini (Trinidadian) blends abound with colourful claims of superiority. I am most definitely guilty in this regard.

This is a region where the chili rules the spice kingdom, adding to the quintessential mystique is our blend of very hot chili’s from tiny bird peppers, the Congo Yellow, the elusively flavourful Chocolate Congo, The scorching Scotch Bonnet and the now infamous Trinidad Moruga Scorpion… some of the most combustible chilis in the world…

I was introduced to the legendary Scotch Bonnet Pepper from a young age. I’ve always been interested in great food, spice and food culture. So, living in London, has enabled me to expand my palate even further and I know that chilli peppers have something incredible to offer. I was drawn to the chilli peppers unique shapes, smells and intriguing names. When I first started to experiment with pepper sauces, I knew I wanted to share this magic with the world. The awesome flavours were one’s I’d never encountered before. They were all individually authentic, but when combined were powerful and appealed to all the senses.

 “Sharing the finer things in life with family, friends and colleagues it’s always been a joyful and deeply memorable experience for me. I get to see eyes light up and smiles brighten as they taste, sample and discover unique food notes and nuances. For me the world of fine food is all about discovery,”

We all have something in common.

And there is one thing that always seems to bring people together…



The Secret Ingredient You Put On Everything

“We all have a favourite ingredient — one that we pour (often inappropriately) into our recipes or that we douse on all of our food. For many it’s a locally available hot sauce brand my sauce is a hybrid.”

Jab Jab 1492, Premium PepperSauce

Jab Jab 1492, DEVIL

Jab Jab 1492®     The Secret Is In The Sauce:
Every step in the making of JAB JAB 1492 is focused on creating an exceptional Chili Pepper Sauce. JAB JAB 1492 is made in Trinidad from the finest hot chilli peppers – and combines the aroma of fresh peppers and sweet Caribbean vanilla with dark fruity floral flavours and layers of spice. Pure Trinitario Cocoa is also sourced from Trinidad’s San Juan-Lopinot Hills & Gran Couva Estates, all carefully refined through a blending process that marries the best qualities of the ingredients. Resulting in a sophisticated, exotic flavoured chili pepper sauce. With characteristics of exceptionalism, possessing a zesty palatableness, and with an extremely wonderful aftertaste that would complement practically any food dish.

Connoisseurs are people with a penchant for the beautiful things in life, epicures who practice a conscious enjoyment of quality. They know that a bottle of pepper sauce is far more than a mere condiment. High-quality pepper sauce is an experience for the senses. And a connoisseur’s senses – taste, olfactory and visual – are absolutely uncompromising when it comes to quality.

Jab Jab 1492 fully meets the connoisseur’s expectations and demands. The artisan pepper sauce compositions, created with love and devotion by the House of Pierre-Davis, cater only to the highest standards of enjoyment.

The incentive: a small jolt of capsaicin excites the nervous system into producing endorphins, which promote a pleasant sense of well-being.

“Pepper is Small in Quantity and Great in Virtue”  —Plato



TASTE                    QUALITY                EUPHORIA

TASTE:            >>> “To perceive or distinguish the flavour of something” (Verb)

QUALITY:        >>> “An essential distinctive characteristic, property, or attribute,

EUPHORIA:    >>> “A state of very intense happiness and feelings of well-being”

Made with LOVE, yet possessing a truly sinful TASTE contains QUALITY ingredients, which after the initial intense piquancy, makes you experience a wonderful sense of EUPHORIA.
All our products are artistically created in small batches of the highest quality in Trinidad & Tobago and bottled in the UK.

We seek not to be the biggest Chili Pepper Sauce company, simply to make the very best Artisan Premium Pepper Sauce humanely – or heavenly – possible.

Errol Pierre-Davis


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