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House of Pierre-Davis/LoveChilis.com Launches JAB JAB 1492 Artisan Premium Pepper Sauce,The World’s Best Tasting Pepper Sauce, Devilishly Hot Yet Sinfully Piquant.

PRESS RELEASE: London, England, UK, June 22, 2012

Look de Devil dey!

“Jab Jab 1492 represents the perfect blend of Chili Peppers with the natural flavours  of exotic ingredients to produce a bold, luxurious flavour that lives up to our standards of excellence,” says Jab Jab 1492 Aficionado Errol Pierre-Davis. “This creative process is one of natural discovery, which must maintain the integrity of the original Chili Pepper Sauce secret recipe and, at the same time deliver new and exciting flavours.”


JAB JAB 1492

About JAB JAB® Artisan Premium Pepper Sauce: 

Every facet of the creation of JAB JAB 1492® is focused on crafting a pepper sauce of unparalled quality. The creation of JAB JAB 1492 begins with the very best ingredients from – fruity Scotch Bonnet Chili Peppers from the Sub-Tropics of the Caribbean, and superior quality Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla Pods, that is organically cared for and harvested by local family run farms. A unique preparation process brings out the naturally superior characteristics of these ingredients. From plantation to bottle, the expertise of the JAB JAB 1492 President and Founder Errol Pierre-Davis, ensures an unequalled piquancy and exceptional taste. The JAB JAB 1492 portfolio is soon to comprise of the upcoming; JAB JAB 1492 Le Gold Standard, JAB JAB 1492 Le Tamarind, JAB JAB 1492 Le Mother in Law and JAB JAB 1492 Le Pommecythere flavoured Premium Pepper Sauces. www.lovechilis.com

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Chilis is our love and our passion:

 Located in London the heartbeat of Europe, Love Chilis is dedicated to creating the world’s most exquisitely tasting  Chilli Pepper Sauce “JAB JAB 1492” by The House of Pierre-Davis.

JAB JAB originates from the Trinidadian French Creole Patois dialect meaning Devil, a historical Trinidad Carnival character, which uniquely decribes one of it’s many  characteristics ‘Devilishly Hot’.  The year 1492 is when Christopher Columbus discovers the West Indies and encounters the indigenous Amerindians, Arawak, Taino and Carib Indians using Chilis throughout their culture and cuisine, alluding to his journal entry comment “the people won’t eat without it”, and  subsequently introduces it to the Old World.

If there is one place in the world of chilis that strikes cords of reverence in the hearts of chili lovers the world over, it is the very infectious twin islands of Trinidad & Tobago situated  in the Lesser Antillies in the Caribbean off the coast of Venezuela. These little islands have been producing some of the world’s finest chilli peppers for hundreds of years. Ever since I started making chilli pepper sauce, I have wanted to share this magical and incredibly flavorful  pepper sauce with the world.

We source the very finest Trindadian Chilis and ingredients that meet our exacting standards. Through careful refinement, blending and LOVE and attention, we seek not to be the biggest Chili Pepper Sauce company, simply to make the very best tasting Chili Pepper Sauce humanely – or heavenly – possible ~ Errol Pierre-Davis

Jab Jab, so the story is told is an old Carnival character from Trinidad Folklore & Legends, Trinidad & Tobago folklore is predominantly of African origin, flavoured with French and to a lesser degree, Spanish and English influences.  The jab molassie — the name means “molasses devil” in French patois — is one of the oldest Carnival characters, dating back to the days of slavery. He represents the ghost of a slave who met his death by falling into a vat of boiling molasses on the sugarcane estate. The jab jab — French patois for “double devil” is the new, more familiar devil-like character. The Jab Jab occupies a space between the worlds of life and death. The difference among various forms of devil mas were once distinct but have now become blurred over time.

The whole expression of the Blue Devil Parade in Trinidad’s Carnival is rooted in culture and oral tradition and dates back to the days of colonial slavery.


 During colonial times in the 1700s, the French aristocracy celebrated Carnival with flamboyant masks and costumes as a last fling before the penitence and abstinence of the Catholic observance of Lent. With the abolition of slavery and freedom in 1838, there was an unleashing of the pagan Carnival celebrations, with wild dances, grease paint and grotesque masks out on the streets, scantily dressed, and sometimes with chains and padlocks around their legs, accompanied by loud drumbeats the former slaves attempted to offend polite society, which they blamed for decades of suffering.

 Carnival in Trinidad grew out of the collective experience of all people who have come to the island from Spanish times, prior to 1797, on through to the present day. Carnival is essentially Roman Catholic in origin.

In Trinidad, there is a long tradition of “bacchanal” connected to festivals or holiday’s.

J’ouvert (pronounced ‘joovay’ locally) originates from the French (Jour  ourvert ), meaning day break or morning, and signals the start of the Bacchanalia which is Carnival. It is ultimately a large street party during Carnival, and is highly traditional and full of symbols culture and heritage. It is steeped in tradition and playing mud mas, involves participants known as Jab Jabs. Covering themselves in – from head to toe – and others in paint, chocolate, mud, white powder or anything for that matter. It is J’ouvert custom that no one is clean, and a common site is to see a newcomer being hugged by muddy revellers.

“The belief is that the dragon band is a roving depiction of Satan and his horde cast from heaven … he and his servants return to the earthly plain on the two days before the Lenten season commences in order to test the virtue of the faithful.”

The spectacular costumes represent the characters and events from history and folklore. Moko Jumbies, Bats, Beelzebub, Jab Molassie, Jab Jab, Red Devil, Blue Devil, Midnight Robber, Dame Lorraine and Wild Indian, are all traditional Carnival characters that capture the elements of the past, and continue to tell the story.

“We at LoveChilis/JAB JAB 1492 are truly excited to finally be able to introduce our consumers to the fine exotic taste of  JAB JAB 1492, we are already generating significant buzz and find ourselves taking a leadership role in setting the trends for the ultra-premium pepper sauce catergory.”